Scroll Marker Scroll Marker

Visual aid for scrolling web pages.

Rating: 3.48 (31)
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Users: 3,000+
Version: 0.97 (Last updated: 2013-01-07)
Size: 315.39K
Adds a customizable line ("Marker") to the bottom of web pages which helps users visually keep their place when the page is scrolled.  

After the page scrolls, the Marker will move up with the page, and remain in place for a moment to help the user keep track of where they left off.  After a set period of time, the Marker will redraw again near the bottom of the freshly scrolled web page, awaiting the next scroll.

The Marker color, opacity, width and distance from the bottom of the web page can be changed by the user.  Also, the delay after scrolling before the Marker redraws itself is also configurable.

Scroll Marker does not set cookies, track users or webpages, and does not communicate or exchange data with anyone.  It simply uses basic JavaScript to temporarily insert and manipulate its "marker" object in web pages after they load.  The only information it reads are the size and scrolling dimensions of Chrome's browser windows.
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