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Just a Scroll to Top Button

Rating: 4.75 (36)
Users: 3,000+
Version: (Last updated: 2020-12-24)
Size: 40.59K
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Click the button and scroll the current page back to top. 

It should work as the "home" key on the keyboard. I made it because I use browsers on devices where using the keyboard is inconvenient (namely, my tv boxes). 

At some point a user asked for different toolbar icon, so I made the version 2.0 where you can change the default icon to one of several predefined alternatives or even set your own icon. (To change the icon, just right-click on the scroll to top button and select "Options".)

Please, note that this extension doesn't work on each and every page. It works in most sites  but it will not scroll up browser's internal pages (settings, history etc.) and some complicated web pages (like the add-ons store itself, for example).
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