BulkEdit Opportunity Pipeline in Salesforce BulkEdit Opportunity Pipeline in Salesforce

Salesforce: Query and bulk edit Close date, Amount, Forecast Category and Next Steps-My Open Pipeline Opportunities.

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Version: 0.2 (Last updated: 2017-01-16)
Size: 474.11K
Price: Free
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** If the download as Excel/PDF not working please Mark "Always Allow" for Adobe flash player setting by clicking in the following link.
(This plugin uses swf for the download feature so if you have this setting as Always Deny or Always ask then it may not work)

Salesforce My Open Opportunities/Pipeline Management (
 is a Google Chrome Productivity Extension with following Features: (Please refresh your salesforce browser Tab prior to clicking on the Chrome extension Icon.):

1) By Clicking Edit My Open Opportunities will fetch the Opportunities owned by you from your logged in salesforce instance
2) It allows to update the Opportunity Pipeline fields: Probability, Close Date, Amount, Next Steps, ForecastCategory
3) From the list of opportunities you can select the opportunities you would like to Mass-Edit Probability, Close Date, Amount, Next Steps and save the records.
4) You can View the result in a paginated format, allows search within your result, You can sort a column in the result set
5) Click on xls, csv,pdf to download the result in the given format, copy to copy the result and print to print the result.
6) This extension will be useful for your Pipeline Forecast calls.

User needs to login to the Salesforce.com org in the browser or refresh the page if already logged-in before clicking on the Chrome extension. The chrome extension reads the session cookie and runs the query/update against the respective Salesforce.com org. There is no need to login again in the extension pop-up. Works well when you are working on multiple orgs and manage your pipeline in multiple orgs at ease.

This is something I tried out to learn how to make a Chrome Extension. The error handling is not done quite well.
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