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With the Ringover | Click2Call extension, all phone numbers displayed on web pages become clickable!

Rating: 5.00 (4)
Users: 9,000+
Version: 1.4.5 (Last updated: 2021-09-02)
Size: 212.99K
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When you click on a number, the call is launched from your Ringover dialer!

Click2Call: Click on a number on your webpages to call it directly from your RingOver account, compatible with RingOver dialer for Zendesk and HubSpot CRM.

PowerDialer: Compile a telephone number list and call them from your RingOver account, one number instantly after the other, works on RingOver web app (myringover.com) and desktop app.

Right-click on the extension icon or on the targeted web page to open extension options:

Enable / Disable Click2Call.
Choosing not to activate on some domain.
Show / Hide number overlay.
Switch phone number format searched on web pages.

Connect your RingOver account with the extension to access on advanced features:

Enable / Disable PowerDialer.
Select call platform: web (myringover.com), desktop app (RingOver Desktop App), sip phone or mobile apps (iOS and Android)
Select your output number (sip phone and mobile app call mode)

RingOver Group.
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