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Securely Single Sign-On to all of your Apps with one click

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Version: 7.1.7 (Last updated: 2021-04-17)
Size: 5.17M
Price: Free
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The Problem

With too many accounts and log-ins, users mostly tend to choose weak, easy to guess passwords, and rarely change passwords, hence placing themselves at risk from fraud and identity theft. Most consumers may have dozens of password-protected accounts. Users with multiple accounts needing passwords often give up and use the same password, or a derivative of the same password for every account which makes them easy targets for hackers. When consumers are required to follow existing security policies and use various log-ins or passwords, they usually end up writing down their passwords making them easy targets.

LogMeOnce Solution

LogMeOnce dashboard offers simple user friendly access for each user to their unique web site which entails a list of all of their applications, with security protection behind each Application icon. Simply click the icon of your desired Application, and you are logged in without the need to enter a username and password each time. Your security credentials for each Application are individually secured and encrypted with your unique encryption key, that only you are aware of.
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