Getaway Shootout UNBLOCKED! Getaway Shootout UNBLOCKED!

Getaway Shootout unblocked game for schools: play Getaway Shootout even on limited networks!

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2021-04-25
Users: 852
Version: unblocked-1 (Last updated: 2020-01-29)
Size: 67.85K
Price: Free
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Risk level: undefined
Getaway Shootout Unblocked is a cool extension that allows you to play Getaway Shootout game at school or office. Please install this application and click toolbar icon to play.
If you forget that the extension is installed and look for "Getaway Shootout" in the search, we took care to make a reminder that will help you quickly get into the game.
The game Getaway Shootout is a gangster race between the criminal gangs of the city. Protect your area from someone else’s gang and do not let it get to its destination. Weapons, bombs, first-aid kits and other useful things that you need to pick up and attack opponents are scattered along the race route. Management of the game is very simple and is carried out with just three keys: W, E, R. A two-player game mode is also available for playing with a friend.
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