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Turn on dark mode for web sites

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2022-01-13
Rating: 4.65 (17)
Users: 200,000+
Version: 1.5.5 (Last updated: 2021-12-20)
Size: 456.7K
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Risk level: Very high risk
Darkling is an app that allows you to turn on dark mode for websites. Social networks, mainstream media sites, and other sites.🌃

The main features are:
⚫️Apply dark mode to various web sites
⚫️Enable night shift - yellow tint that helps your eyes 
⚫️You can disable it on one or several hostnames if the website supports dark mode natively.

This app works on a lot of sites for you not to worry about getting more apps ✔
Download and enjoy 🖤
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