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Format your XML so that it is indented correctly for easier reading.

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This formatter lets you pretty print your XML. Just paste your XML and then click the Format button. You can also open a local XML file to format.  The formatter checks that your XML is well-formed. If errors are found they are highlighted. Hover over the error icons to see a description of the error.

- select XML in a browser tab, right-click on the selected XML, and then choose "Format XML" from the menu. This will open a new tab and format the XML you selected.
- download the result to an XML file
- open local XML files for formatting
- the current state is saved for your next session.
- provides links to other tools from LinangData from the More tools menu, including: Color Picker, Grammar, spelling and style checker; Dictionary; Calculator; Photo Editor; Sketch; Weather Forecast; World Clock; PDF Generator; the LinangData Youtube channel; and our sponsors
- It's free!
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