SEE lets you view the web as a user with a visual impairment might

By: Q42
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Version: 1.14 (Last updated: 2014-06-24)
Size: 1.05M
What is it like to be visually impaired? As a well-sighted person you'll likely never fully get to understand that. But SEE helps you imagine what it’s like.

For example, you could see what your website looks like for a colour blind person. Which might convince you to change the contrast in your design.

SEE is a product by Q42, created by Johan Huijkman and Marcel Duin. If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts you can reach us at:

Or visit our website at (Dutch) or (English).

You can download the source code at
 Or even better, improve it and do a pull request!

Known issues:
* It can overwrite certain used CSS transforms/filters which can break your site while using it
* It doesn't work on certain websites with complex CSS/DOM models
* Not all effects work on Flash or canvas objects within a page
* When installed reload the current page to get it to work (only the first time)
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