Floating Video for YouTube Floating Video for YouTube

This extension keeps the YouTube video playing in the corner of the screen when scrolling down the page to read the comments.

This extension is no longer available in Chrome Web Store
By: Nick B
Rating: 2.59 (39)
Users: 5,904
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+104 vs 1 week ago
Version: 0.3.1 (Last updated: 2017-08-05)
Size: 11.79K
Price: Free
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Use this extension to keep watching YouTube videos while you scroll down to read the description and comments.  When you scroll down the video moves to float in a corner of your screen and remains visible to watch.

Whats New:

Version 0.3
 * Added support for new YouTube layout.
   * Fixed bug where clicking the "stop floating" option in the YouTube video context menu would not close it.


Version 0.2
 * Added option in video context menu (right click YouTube video) to temporarily toggle whether the video should float or not.
 * Fixed bug where the video would remain floating on pages that it shouldn't.
 * Fixed bug where the video would stay in a floating state when going to a new video to watch.


If you have any suggestion, feedback, or bugs you see, please send feedback through the chrome web store on this extension.

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