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Block all annoying ads while keeping some fair ads such as GOOGLE ads, keeping the internet a free place for all

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2021-01-07
Rating: 4.00 (2)
Users: 341
Version: (Last updated: 2016-05-17)
Size: 851.97K
Price: Free
Risk level: undefined
Ad Blocking Community blocks all annoying ads, but keeps some fair and non-intrusive ads such as GOOGLE ads in order to support free internet - this program is called the "Fair Internet Program" (This can be changed using the configuration options at any time).

For more information on the "Fair Internet Program" or on Ad Blocking Community visit

Ad Blocking Community can block banners, video ads, popups and more.

Join the community by sharing this extension with your friends and family and feel free to contact us with any suggestions or support, we'd love! your feedback so we can improve and grow the community together.
Help us keep good content website free for all and block the aggressive adware.

Some Ad blocking extensions when installed together with Ad Blocking Community might slow down page load. Therefore, in some cases once installed Ad Blocking Community will notify you to remove the conflicting Extensions via the chrome API.
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