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Simply share CSS colors from text selections, images or websites using Colorpeek.

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Version: 1.0.0 (Last updated: 2013-12-01)
Size: 109.57K
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Colorpeek is a tiny web app for quickly seeing and sharing CSS colors. The extension can parse colors from three different sources:

1. Text selections (hex values you received in an email, for example)
2. Prominent colors in an image
3. CSS colors used on a webpage

Great for designers, developers, or anyone tired of spelunking through web inspectors, opening up Photoshop or hunting and pecking with an eyedropper just to grab color values.

Additional features:

- Customize the output of webpage palettes (hide/show black, white, grays or semi-transparent colors)
- Change the amount of colors returned for images
- Use from the toolbar or right-click menu

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Try the web app at
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