Auto Resume Downloads Auto Resume Downloads

Chrome extension that automatically resumes downloads.

By: dwapps
Rating: 4.40 (25)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 1.0.9 (Last updated: 2021-09-20)
Size: 1.12M
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It is an open source Chrome extension that can automatically resume downloads that have been stopped for unintended reasons. 

The full source code of the program is publicly available on GitHub, and anyone can contribute if there is a bug or improvement.

If you leave the switch on, it will automatically resume downloading paused in the background.

You can manually set the time interval to trigger the resume and also check the program usage log.

1. Tap the icon to open the window.  
2. Turn on the switch to run the program.   
  The program will resume automatically stopped downloads in the background
(⚠️If the program does not work properly, click the toggle button a few times and try again)
3. Checking "Apply to paused items" setting will automatically resume the download that you paused.
4. "Check time interval" sets the time interval for scanning stopped downloads.
5. Settings take effect when the apply button is pressed.
6. All events are recorded and visible on the log tab.
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