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LeadDelta - whether you are selling, marketing, fundraising or hiring LeadDelta Social CRM is your starting point.

LeadDelta - Social Capital Manager is also known as: LeadDelta - Free LinkedIn Connection Manager, LeadDelta - LinkedIn Connections Manager.

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Version: 3.3.0 (Last updated: 2021-11-25)
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Your social capital & connections manager built for Digital Creators, Entrepreneurs, ​CEOs.

No professional should start from an empty contact book. Let alone CEOs, entrepreneurs, digital creators. Whether you are selling, marketing, fundraising, or hiring LeadDelta is your starting point.

LeadDelta is a tool for anyone with a LinkedIn profile that wants to get more out of their social network. You can search, add notes, tags, and filter your connections, among other things.

With LeadDelta, you will obtain a 10,000-foot view of your professional network. Organize your personal contact book the way you want. No ads, no distractions. Unlock your data, tags, notes, filters, send personalized messages, and more. Cut through the noise of overloaded inboxes, feeds, and screaming notifications. Start building relationships.

Important Disclaimer (!): LeadDelta is not endorsed by or affiliated with the LinkedIn Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries. LinkedIn is a trademark of the LinkedIn Corporation.

🎉 The Story of LeadDelta 🎉

Around March 2020, we finally had a sufficient amount of information to conclude a big trend among the LinkedIn user base.

Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and creators we talked to wanted a different experience… They wanted to avoid spam, chaos, and utilize more their ever-growing network.

So our team created LeadDelta, your beautifully designed Social Capital manager that helps you build better relationships – without spam, ads, distractions.

Fast forward...

It's almost 2022. And you still don't own your Network – your Social Capital. Your data is sitting in database silos across digital and non-digital assets: spreadsheets, CRMs you don't have access to, social media, contact books, emails, IMs, something somewhere in the back of your mind...

What's even worse, you don't have any relevant data signals from your Network to act upon proactively.

At LeadDelta, we are on a mission. We believe that you should be put in charge of your Social Capital. Whether you are hiring, fundraising, selling, going Go-To-Market, or just want to help. We will equip you with the tools to proactively stay on top of your Network – your Social Capital.

We all know “your network is your net worth.” Right?

LeadDelta gives you a choice to import or not your LinkedIn connections into the platform. Some call it the social CRM. And use tools like tagging, notes, templates, messages, filters, data unlocking, 1-click export, Zapier integration, and more to nurture, grow and utilize your network.

The objective is to build meaningful relationships and engage your network rather than just grow it for the sake of growing.

🔒 How is LeadDelta different from other apps, and is it secure?

• We only work with your 1st-degree connections that you approve sending to us. Via LinkedIn Safety Series published in July 2021: "When your data is taken without permission and used in ways you haven't agreed to, that's not okay. On LinkedIn, our members trust us with their information, which is why we prohibit unauthorized scraping on our platform."
• We don’t automate user actions.
• We use network native requests.
• We don’t overlay LinkedIn’s interface.
• LeadDelta resembles your LinkedIn DB.
• The user data is hosted on Google Cloud Platform and is accessible through your personal Google password-protected account. We don’t have access to it.
• Our long-term strategy is to partner up with LinkedIn, not fight it.
• We are a registered Canadian corporation.

We are committed to shipping NEW features weekly! 🎉 

🎉 Here are some of the features available in version 3.0:

✅  Beautifully designed, list-view, social CRM of your connections.
✅  Create & manage custom tags and assign them to each connection.
✅  Apply custom notes with a 1-click. Stay organized.
✅  Filters & sorting: Find groups of people that match your criteria with numerous conditions like tags, company, industry, headline, and more.
✅  Message templates: Save time on recurrent messages with the help of custom and pre-made templates. Use Templates inside other Web Apps, too.
✅  Personalize & send messages with essential placeholders.
✅  Global Search: Connection/Company.
✅  Group follow & unfollow: Clean up the list of connections you follow and make your feed relevant.
✅  Group hide/unhide certain connections and save space. 
✅  More flexibility to hide columns.
✅  Group (or individual) disconnect: With time, you will have irrelevant connections or even hit the limit. Use group disconnect to keep it clean.
✅  Sync & update your latest connections (unlimited storage).
✅  Unlock the 1st degree connections data (email, phone, other contact info).
✅  1-Click data export of all the selected data into a. CSV file.
✅  Integrations – LinkedIn, Gmail, Zapier, Pabbly.
✅  NEW Inbox inside LeadDelta (BETA).

❇️  Check our roadmap and change-log here: 


We <3 LinkedIn. We believe that your personal brand is the most important asset that you will ever own. And we are creating intelligent tools to help you create and capture opportunities on the platform.

# Drive engagement – Build your tribe on LinkedIn.
# Cut through the noise – Access your network and prioritize outreach without the noise.
# Intelligence & Convenience – Unlock insights, and create new opportunities inside your LinkedIn network.

List of features [TL;DR]:
• Social CRM list view of your 1st degree LinkedIn connections ✔️
• Send personalized messages with basic placeholders ✔️
• Add/manage Tags & Notes for your 1st degree LinkedIn connections ✔️
• Filter, Sort & Search your LinkedIn connections ✔️
• Hide or Disconnect your LinkedIn connections ✔️
• Sync your latest connections ✔️
• Unlock data (email, phone) ✔️
• View & export data (.CSV) ✔️
• Templates that you can use across web apps ✔️
• Uses native network requests ✔️
• Zapier integration ✔️
• Roadmap: 

With the list-view, you get a better overview of your LinkedIn connections. You can unlock and download the data, search, add notes, apply tags, and filter your connections.

You can engage with your 1st-degree LinkedIn connections in a meaningful way by visiting their profile and sending group messages.

We believe that LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks for advancing your career and business. 

So what do you think?

We would love to hear from you. 

Make sure to reach out to us:
• Email: hi@leaddelta.com
• Website: leaddelta.com

P.S. And do not forget to rate us if you like what you see :)


Important Disclaimer (!): LeadDelta is not endorsed by or affiliated with the LinkedIn Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries. LinkedIn is a trademark of the LinkedIn Corporation.
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