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More Features For Roblox :D

By: Ameer!
Rating: 4.71 (17)
Users: 3,000+
Version: (Last updated: 2021-10-26)
Size: 55.42K
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Roblokis is extension to enable or disable custom features for roblox website.
features are made by me or with help of the community.

So Roblokis is used to run these features without further setup.
you can just go to settings and enable or disable features as you like.

you should get Roblokis because it has some very helpful features
such as;
- better servers & badge design
- small servers section
- profile status are back
- faster friend removing
and more features like that.

if you think its a cookie logger then please check

Roblokis will Never Gonna Give You Up,
and Never Gonna Let You Down...
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