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Want to see what ads are working on YouTube, right now?

Swipetube.io is a simple chrome plugin that allows you to: 

* Capture (with one click) any YouTube ad you see
* Add it to your personal library of YouTube ads that our software automatically tracks perfomrance on each day.

Track and "Spy" on your competitors' YouTube ads. Structure your ads based on what’s already working in your market right now.


* Estimated daily adspend for each ad 
* Historic estimated adspend since upload date
* Ad landing pages

The basic swipetube.io plugin is free to download and use for tracking your own library of YouTube ads. With full swipetube.io access you can also search & discover similar ads in our continuously updated library of thousands of unlisted active YouTube ads (and their landing pages). 

Download the free swipetube.io Chrome plugin and start building your YouTube ad library today.
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