Alternate Tab Order Alternate Tab Order

Opens new tabs at the end, and snaps back to view the opener tab under certain conditions

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Version: 1.0.13 (Last updated: 2015-02-08)
Size: 16.79K
Changes tab ordering in a manner similar to pre-2010 Firefox.

The video explains it best, but by default, this extension does the following:
- When a new tab is opened, it is sent to the end on the far-right

- If that tab was opened with a left-click, such that it is automatically switched to, closing it will switch back to the tab from which is was opened (as long as no other tab had been switched to in the meantime)

What that means in practical terms is this:
1. if I have an RSS reader open, left-clicking to read a story immediately will show me an open a tab on the end of the list. Closing that story it will take me back to my RSS reader.

2. If I queue up a bunch of stories to read by middle-clicking several links, they will all open on the end of the tab list. When I go to read them by clicking on the first tab I opened, closing it will show me the next story.

I recognize how incredibly small the audience is for this exact setup, but there you have it.

I used to just locally comment out some code in Brad Dwyer's Modified Tab Ordering extension from
 - but Chrome now considers changes to be security issues.

Since Brad's extension uses a deprecated version of the Chrome extension API, I based my version off of itworks' New Tabs At End from

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