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This extensions helps you track the emails you send using Zoho Mail.

Rating: 4.00 (44)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 4.3 (Last updated: 2021-11-14)
Size: 2.16M
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Do you use Zoho Mail?
Do you want to know when your emails are being read?
Well, then this extension is for you.

Simply login using your email, and it will track when your emails are being read by the people you send it to. 

Privacy Ploicy:

## Things we are planning to add

- We are planning to do a firefox/edge/brave extension very very soon. So, if you use Zoho Mail on firefox, this is good news for you.
- We're planning to add an Android App to receive notifications easily.

Obviously, we would love some suggestions and feedback on how we can make this even better. If you find a bug or have something to say, you can comment here or even contact us on admin@zohomailtracker.com

Keep sharing.
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