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A Poshmark automated virtual assistant that helps you share items, get more followers, and growth your Poshmark sales.

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Are you a Poshmark seller looking to increase sales but having a hard time balancing the many aspects of staying active on Posh? You’re not alone, and you’re in the right place!

PosherVA is the Poshmark automation tool (Poshmark bot) that helps you automatically share items, make bulk offers, get more followers, and make more sales on Poshmark.

It will help you save several hours a day that will allow you to focus on other activities that help your business like sourcing, photography, and listing. Or perhaps you'd like to take some me-time or family time.

What We Do:

- Shares items to your followers / parties (self share or community shares)
- Schedule Sharing by time ⏲️
- Follows / unfollows people
- Edit + shares
- Send a bulk offers
- Price Drops for CCO
- Automatically solves captchas, you won't notice that.
- Lets you set a daily share limit so you don't get soft banned
- And much more...

The PosherVA is free to install, and has a 10-day free trial.

We also offer a FREE plan for a small reseller, where you can share part of your items a day at no charge, no payment information required.

The PosherVA is your automation Poshmark virtual assistant that helps boost sales by maximizing engagement and visibility.

Supported in the USA 🇺🇸.

For more information and FAQs please visit 

Use of this extension means you agree to the PosherVA Terms of Service, read them at 
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