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Show URLs when you hover over links into a webpage.

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Version: 0.3 (Last updated: 2014-06-14)
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This extension will show up the url of the link you're going to click.

You are probably asking yourself why this extenions was made for...well this, believe it or not, were made because modern browsers like Google Chrome are going to hide at the most the status bar of the url you're going to click. So i hope with this that you're going to know more where are you going to surf to.
But this extensions will not end up here, we're going (yes, this is not only my idea) to add some more nice features, so don't forget to come visit this page.
Thanks for trying, as always comments or suggestions are appreciated :)

 - 0.3: Add support for target=_blank links. Updated libs and more.
 - 0.2.2: the tooltip was not shown correctly on mouseover.
 - 0.2.1: updated to work with latest versions of Chrome
 - 0.2.x: more to come :)
 - 0.2: As promised here's the first update with some new nice features like:
         - Now you can set the tooltip to be viewed also as a statusbar (with configurable position) or keep it as a simple tooltip
         - Added a timeout to the tooltip to be shown
         - First SEO Tool: Domain Highlighter (to understand better if you're are going to surf into the same website or not).
 - 0.1: First initial version. Links are shown up on mouseover.


 - Simone Righini,,
 The inventor of the idea
 - Luca Conti,,
 Support for some next features that will come
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