YouTube NonStop YouTube NonStop

Kiss the annoying "Video paused. Continue watching?" confirmation goodbye!

YouTube NonStop is a featured Chrome extension by lawfx. It has 800,000+ weekly active users and an average rating of 3.56. YouTube NonStop is similar to AutoTube - YouTube nonstop and You(Tube) don't stop!. The latest version is 0.9.1 and was updated a year ago. YouTube NonStop is only available in English. Within Chrome Web Store, its overall ranking is #337.

By: lawfx
Users: 800,000+
Version: 0.9.1 (Last updated: 2021-10-04)
Featured: Yes
Size: 283.65K
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Risk level: Safe
***Important: This extension doesn't keep the confirmation box from popping up. It only counters it. It auto-clicks the confirmation box and the video won't get paused.***

Working on YouTube and YouTube Music!
Media Keys supported!
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YouTube NonStop
User reviews
Stopped working, needs developer update! Please fix.
Edvinas J Edvinas J
(August 11, 2022) it's not working
Marie Cris Carreon Marie Cris Carreon
Absolutely brilliant it does the job! Its so stupid that this is something that YouTube doesn't let you turn off. However I have had to stop using it due to it interupting my media controls. Although it prevents YouTube from pausing the video it also prevents media controls on your keyboard from pausing the video which is very annoying. If this didn't happen it would have been a 5/5 extension.
Tom Patullo Tom Patullo
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