Bird Eats Bug: Screen Recording + Error Logs Bird Eats Bug: Screen Recording + Error Logs

Catch, report, and fix bugs faster

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Record screen and technical logs on your product. Report and fix bugs faster.
Example bug report:

How often does it happen that an engineer can’t reproduce the bug and therefore fix it? Developers spend 2-6 hours a day on technical issues. And it’s a lot of back and forth with the bug reporter. That’s more time spent on bugs than developing great features. Here’s how Bird is changing that.

🐦 Who is Bird for?
Mainly web development teams: PMs, Engineers, QA, Designers. You can also get much better bug reports if non-technical people in your company start using Bird as well.

👆 Found a bug? Just hit "Record"
Bird does the hard work behind the scenes and captures all the important logs for you. A self-serve, no coding solution. No cycle of approvals to go through.

💻 Automated capture of technical data
Auto-include supporting data (steps to reproduce, technical logs, etc.) in every bug report. Help developers find the cause of the problem and debug faster. No more copy and pasting for bug reporters.

🎢 Improve QA workflow in the company
All tech information and visual proof housed in one place. Create new issues directly from your bug reports in seconds.

Bird Eats Bug currently integrates with
• Jira
• Linear
• Trello
• Email
• and more to come!

💡 Plans
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• For more features, our paid plans start at $39/month
• Contact us for a free demo via
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