Kiwii: Credit Card Rewards Simplified Kiwii: Credit Card Rewards Simplified

Optimize your credit card rewards at hundreds of online merchants

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Users: 62
Version: 0.3.0 (Last updated: 2020-12-29)
Size: 5.8M
Price: Free
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Never use the wrong card again - Kiwii identifies which of your cards will earn the most rewards at thousands of retailers.  Shop like normal and earn more rewards!

Rotating rewards categories…

Tricky retailer classifications…

Short-term deals…

It’s tough to keep track of it all.  With Kiwii you don’t have to, but you can earn rewards like you do.

Securely choose your card, with no personal information needed, and shop like normal.

Kiwii works in the background and will make a recommendation for your best card at check out so you earn the most rewards.

Download Kiwii today and optimize your rewards!
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