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BBViewer is designed to provide a better experience for Big Brother Live Feeders

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This extension is intended for Big Brother US Live Feed watchers. It will modify the appearance of the Paramount+ Live Feed page and add additional functionality to the Live Feed player.

*You must be an Paramount+ subscriber to access the Big Brother Live Feeds and for this extension to be useful.

BBViewer is not affiliated in any way with Paramount/CBS/Viacom. You should not contact them for support while using this extension, as modifications made by the extension could cause issues unrelated to their website.

I hope you have enjoyed the BBViewer application to watch feeds in the past. Well now you can transform the Live Feed feed player into something more familiar and still enjoy some of  its awesome features right in the browser:

 - Full page player
 - Audio Pan (useful for watching both sides of Quad cam)
 - Quality switching
 - Playback Rate
 - Adjust Aspect Ratio
 - Extended Watching (to extend timeout for Still Watching message)
 - Popup player (open viewer  in a popup window)
 - Picture in Picture support
 - Custom Seek buttons (with adjustable seek times in extension settings)
 - User submitted bookmarks
 - Display Big Brother time (Pacific) instead of Local
 - Hotkeys (when menu is not open):
     - 1-5 = switch Cameras
     - B = Bookmarks
     - A = Add Bookmark
     - F = Fullscreen
     - I = Picture in Picture
     - M = Mute
     - L = Toggle Live Feed tabs (Chat, Highlights, Flashback)
     - P = Pause
     - S = Share url for current time/cam
     - T = Toggle Live Feed Thumbnails
     - Q/W/E = Audio Pan Left/Center/Right)
     - Comma/Period = Seek back-forward small
     - Arrow Left/Right = Seek back/forward large
     - Arrow Down = jump to live
     - Backslash = Toggle Boss screen


 - switch from CBS to Paramount+
 - add Live Feed button in settings popup
 - custom Default Camera on startup - default is enabled for quad cam (5)
 - pause should now pause thumbnails also
 - combobox for options (quality)
 - replace boss image with generic google search
 - hotkeys disabled when menu is open
 - changed hotkeys (due to conflicts):
    - A for Add Bookmark
    - P for Pause
    - I for PIP
    - L for Live Feed tabs (Chat/Highlights/Flashback, previously 'CBS tabs')
    - hotkeys for left only and right only audio pan have been removed
 - prep for potential use on other sites

 - security update
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