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Chrome extension monetization

Aardvark2 Aardvark2

A quick repackaging of Karmatics Aardvark extension

Rating: 5.00 (2)
Users: 202 +6
Version: 1.2 (Last updated: 2019-07-09)
Size: 26.37K
Price: Free
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This is a Chrome packaged version of the once actively developed Aardvark extension for Firefox. It allows users to remove / alter elements from a page - very handy in case you want to clear the clutter and print some page.

To use it, you need to click the Extension button in the toolbar. Using a sequene of shortcuts you will be able to edit the current tab contents and finally exit the edit mode with a 'q' (for quit).

The list of shortcuts are in the screenshot attached.
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