DeskTime url fetcher DeskTime url fetcher

This extension allows DeskTime client to read current url.

Rating: 3.50 (18)
Users: 3,958
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Version: 2.0.2 (Last updated: 2021-04-10)
Size: 46.97K
Price: Free
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DeskTime is an application that allows you to keep track of the the time you spend at the computer. The different internet and desktop applications you used are tracked and divided into categories, which let you evaluate productivity while at the computer for yourself.

To accurately track the different websites you use and to divide them into productive, unproductive and neutral, this extension must be installed. The extension allows DeskTime to view and classify each separate website, rather than simply seeing Chrome as a whole. The extension accompanies the DeskTime app, and does not function on its own. You can get the app at
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