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This extension extract bridge hands from results pages and load them into Bridge Solver Online

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Version: 1.26 (Last updated: 2021-07-31)
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Bridge clubs publish results on various websites, together with diagrams of the boards showing which cards were held by each of the four players. Participants have an interest in finding out how boards could have been played in order to achieve a better result. The function of the Bridge Solver Chrome extension is to extract the hand records from results pages for use by my Bridge Solver Online app, which performs analysis and enables the user to investigate the optimum line of play.

Simply navigate in the browser to the page containing the hand diagrams. The extension's icon at the right of the address bar will change to a green background. Click on it to  acquire the deals. Makeable contracts, and par scores are calculated automatically. User selected contracts can be played interactively, with card by card guidance.

For further details see the website.
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