CraftyText CraftyText

This extension allows the user's text to be displayed on screen on top of a web page in large type

Rating: 3.39 (33)
Users: 50,000+
Version: 3.0 (Last updated: 2021-10-19)
Size: 498.69K
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**Only works on top of web pages, so first load a webpage like then click the CT in the extensions bar**

CraftyText is a simple app. It allows you to enter text, which then shows up big in the center of the screen. It works on top of your favorite website. Note: no data are transmitted to the developers. The permissions requested are due to the fact that it works on top of whatever website you're browsing.

**UPDATED!** Added a Display button next to the Shorten button.

You can now shorten URL's easily with CraftyText! Paste the URL into the CraftyText window, click Shorten, and wait a moment and watch the magic!
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