Web Threat Shield Web Threat Shield

Keeps you safe when browsing the web by identifying and blocking dangerous websites.

Web Threat Shield is a Chrome extension by Webroot. It has 4,000,000+ weekly active users and an average rating of 2.48. Web Threat Shield is similar to Web root Safe Setup and WebDefender: Antivirus & Privacy Protection. The latest version is 2.1.22220.2 and was updated a month ago. Web Threat Shield is available in English and 13 other languages. Within Chrome Web Store, its overall ranking is #78.

The Internet can be a scary place. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell which sites were dangerous before it was too late? Now you can with the Webroot® Web Threat Shield.

The Webroot Web Threat Shield offers top-of-the-line defense against cybercrime while browsing the internet. It warns about unsafe websites before you click, and automatically blocks bad ones trying to install viruses and malware on your computer. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing personal information like passwords and credit card details are safe.

The Webroot Web Threat Shield also provides up-to-the-minute data about website reputations and real-time protection against phishing sites.
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Risk impact

Web Threat Shield requires a number of risky permissions that can potentially harm your browser and steal your data. Exercise caution when installing this extension. Review carefully before installing. We recommend that you only install Web Threat Shield if you trust the publisher.

Risk impact measures the level of extra permissions an extension has access to. A low risk impact extension cannot do much harms, whereas a high risk impact extension can do a lot of damage like stealing your password, bypass your security settings, and access your personal data. High risk impact extensions are not necessarily malicious. However, if they do turn malicious, they can be very harmful.

Risk likelihood

Web Threat Shield has earned a fairly good reputation and likely can be trusted.

Risk likelihood measures the probability that a Chrome extension may turn malicious. This is determined by the publisher and the Chrome extension reputation on Chrome Web Store, the amount of time the Chrome extension has been around, and other signals about the Chrome extension. Our algorithms are not perfect, and are subject to change as we discover new ways to detect malicious extensions. We recommend that you always exercise caution when installing a Chrome extension, especially ones with higher risk impact and/or higher risk likelihood.

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User reviews
Can't uninstall it, don't know how it got installed in the first place
by Nate Cregier Nate Cregier, 2022-09-27

The webroot green checkmarks are missing on chrome since my latest computer update, even though the extension is still activated.. Please fix this - I love the checkmarks!
by Debbi House Debbi House, 2022-08-15

after update to the extension or chromium engine (broken in brave and chrome browsers), this extension is less than useful.
by Victor Nasser Victor Nasser, 2022-08-12
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The manifest file declares the requirements and permissions that a Chrome extension will have access to. By reviewing the manifest, you may be able to determine if a Chrome extension is over-reaching (for example, if an extension is overriding your new tab page, or search provider, or requesting access to your web activities without any good reason).

  "manifest_version": 2,
  "name": "Web Threat Shield",
  "version": "2.1.22220.2",
  "default_locale": "en",
  "description": "__MSG_description__",
  "author": "Webroot Inc.",
  "update_url": "https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx",
  "background": {
    "page": "background_scripts/background.html",