Hide Funimation UI Hide Funimation UI

Hide/show Funimation video UI with 'z' and use PageUp/PageDown or ArrowUp/ArrowDown keys to seek 1 second back/forward

Rating: 4.47 (15)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 2.0 (Last updated: 2021-10-08)
Size: 11.67K
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The Funimation video UI does not hide itself when paused. This can be very inconvenient when you want to take screenshots of videos.

With this browser extension active, when watching a Funimation video, you can:
 * Press 'z' to hide the video UI
 * Use the up and down arrow keys (or the PgUp/PgDown keys) to seek back and forward in 1 second increments.

This is a new version adapted to the new Funimation player. The hide functionality can now find the elements to hide in the new player. The seek functionality has changed to prevent conflict with the native controls. The player now uses left and right arrow keys natively for 5 second searches, so I've moved 1 second searching to up/down or PgUp/PgDown keys.
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