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AutoDS Automatic Non-API eBay Dropshipping Solution

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Version: 1.41.2 (Last updated: 2021-11-26)
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AutoDS - Non-API Dropshipping Automation for eBay


Automate your dropshipping store’s key actions. Save hours of time every day with the #1 tool used by professional dropshippers.

AutoDS is the time-saving companion for dropshippers of all experience levels. Sit back as we process orders, find & import products and monitor pricing & product stock. Try it now for $1!

Our non-API extension for Chrome is designed to give you all of AutoDS’ time-saving automation, without the need to connect to your eBay store.

With AutoDS in your toolbar, you’ll always have professional dropshipping automation by your side. 

Designed by dropshippers with 15+ years of combined experience, we know exactly what every dropshipper needs to save time on their way to success.


Product finding. 

Discover today’s trending dropshipping products instantly. Use your ‘finder credits’ and AutoDS will automatically give you hot products from our 20+ different global suppliers. 

One-click product listing.

You can import single or bulk products to your eBay store in one click with the AutoDS non-API extension. It is also compatible with our Hot Product Finder, so you can import the latest trending products.

Automatic orders.

We can accept and push orders to your suppliers, automatically. No need to be online. With our ‘Fulfilled by AutoDS’ solution, you can go one step further - automatically process returns and even send automatic messages to customers.

24/7 price & stock monitoring.

AutoDS monitors your product pricing and stock availability to ensure it matches information given by your suppliers. Never miss out on profits, even when your computer is off. Additionally, AutoDS decreases the price of products that are not selling very well, before increasing them again when they have some momentum.

Top-tier dashboard.

View all the key stats from your dropshipping stores on one handy dashboard. Need to migrate a store from another tool to AutoDS’ non-API version? Our customer support team will assist you with this simple process.


Start dropshipping smarter with the AutoDS non-API extension for eBay dropshipping.

We are currently the only dropshipping solution that supports one-click bulk uploads, automated orders and product-searching for non-API eBay stores.

Our file-exchange solution means you can rely on our 24/7 price and stock monitoring without your computer being on. 

Save time (and electricity) today with a pro dropshipping tool by your side.
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