Frontier Slither Frontier Slither

Cutting-edge MOD for playing more comfortably.

Rating: 3.63 (19)
-0.09 vs 1 week ago
Users: 3,901
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-19 vs 1 week ago
Version: 2.5.1 (Last updated: 2021-06-16)
Size: 4.92M
Price: Free
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Frontier Slither is a MOD that makes more fun to play.
Anyone, from light users to heavy users, can play.


Main features:
• Improved Championship Edition (CircleBot available)
• Auto coiling - Disable the mousemove and automatically Coiling. If you want to stay small on the spot temporarily, this is recommended instead of Bot.
• Build Slither Plus - A tool that allows you to create and edit custom skins more conveniently.
• Zoom Smoothing - You can smoothly change the field of view size when zooming.
• Various graphic settings for improved FPS and visibility. For example, you can disable the effects of snake acceleration and death.
• Mini-map and Leaderboard resizing.
• Kills counter.
• Server ping measurement.
• Border assist.
• Playtime display.
• Cosmetic support.
• Save multiple custom skins.
• Nameless mode.

- Leaderboard-> Increase Contrast: Increase contrast (improve leaderboard visibility) Default: ON
- Other-> Load All Server List When Loading MODs: Loads all server lists (when turned on, more than 100 server lists are loaded and Ping measurement is performed when loading MODs) Default: OFF
- Changed to display a point at the top of the head in Assist-mode.
- [Y] Visual Debugging: Toggle only Disabled and Low.
- Improved UI/UX.
- Fixed some bugs.

- Transparentize Snake During Low-Quality: When turned on, the snake's body becomes transparent at low quality.
- Show Own Skin Normal During Low-Quality: When turned on, only your skin will be displayed as Normal when the quality is Low.
- Transparentize Wall: When turned on, the outer wall becomes transparent.
- Wall Color: You can change the color of the outer wall.
- Change My Location Scale: You can change the size of your map icon between 1-2.
- Change Dead Coordinates Color: You can change the color of the icon that records the point of death.
- Always Show My Ranking: Always show your rank (even outside the top 10).
- Enable Header Color Change: When turned on, the color change by setting the Change Header Color is applied.
- Change Header Color: You can change the color of the header.
- FPS Limiter: This item is a collection of "Use Specified Framerate" and "Specify The Framerate Value". Changed the upper limit from 300 to 250. You can change the specified FPS between 60 and 250. If the value is lower than 60, it becomes Auto and FPS becomes automatic.
- Improved to display the dialog "This Cosmetic will not be visible to other players." When selecting a locked cosmetic.
- Improved so that when a Tags is selected with the default skin, the dialog "Tags can only be applied to Custom Skins." is displayed.
- Improved the top UI.
- Added a function to display the center line on the snakes body during assist mode.
- Changed to display the name of the worm in front of the outer wall when Bring Snakes Name to Front is enabled.
- Fixed so that Auto Coiling and Border Assist do not interfere with each other.
- Fixed a bug that cosmetics are not displayed under certain conditions.
- Changed the images format to reduce the file size.
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