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 Are you looking for West Coast, Gangsta, G-Funk or Hip Hop Beats and Instrumental for your next project? This is your place!

 Many people look for that quality sound in the beats and instrumentals that reminds of the old school and the beginnings of Hip Hop on the West Coast, but without renouncing the new times with a more current sound type Trap, New School,...

 We continue to work hard so that you never miss that sound in the Hip Hop Beats and Instrumentals of both the East Coast and the West Coast that so many artists are looking for and that although it is increasingly difficult to find by the new musical trends, more and more artists seek and more people want to listen.

 Now, through this Google Chrome Extension you can find the music you are looking for easily by clicking on the link of the website.

 If you are thinking about creating a quality album with G-Funk sound, Chicano Rap, Westside Hip Hop or even with Trap sound, we have exactly what you are looking for.

 You can search by genre (Trap, West Coast, Underground, R & B, East Coast, G-Funk, Hardcore, Mid West ...) and you'll quickly realize what I'm talking about. Our software and our Beat Store Player, will handle automatic, from the invoice, standard contracts, such as the automatic delivery of beats so you do not worry about anything and do not lose inspiration. All our Beats and Instrumentals are royalty free so you do not have to worry about copyright once you acquire a lease or any type of contract. The contracts range from an MP3 Lease, WAV, Premium (with Track Outs / Stems), UNLIMITED or Exclusive Rights.

 Also, if you subscribe you will receive 5 Beats for free, Exclusive Discounts and much more...

 We have worked with many artists since 1996 adapting to the prices and needs of each of them and we are proud of our work, our beats, that is to say, our music.
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