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A quick shortcut to your Home Assistant

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Version: 0.4.0 (Last updated: 2021-05-12)
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Unofficial extension to quickly access your Home Assistant dashboard from everywhere

=== Setup ===

In your Lovelace dashboard, create a new view and add a few cards that you want to see in your extension

Here are a few tips:

- If you have only one card, activate the "panel mode" option for a better look
- If you want to match your browser color scheme, you can choose a specific theme just for this view
- You can completely hide the view if you don't want it to show in your existing dashboard, it won't affect the extension
- I suggest you to choose a specific URL for the view. For example: "extension"

Install and pin the extension in Chrome so it's always visible 

Open the extension options (right-click the icon > Configure), then:

- Set the URL of your view as seen in your browser, for example 
- Adjust width and height so everything looks good
- You can choose to crop the upper part of your view to hide the page header. By default, the size of the header is 56 pixels
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