Free VPN Proxy to unblock websites - RUSVPN Free VPN Proxy to unblock websites - RUSVPN

Free VPN Proxy to unblock websites - RUSVPN

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RUSVPN - fast, secure and absolutely free unlimited VPN Proxy service for Chrome. 

Our application is the best choice for your Internet security.
With RusVPN extension for Chrome, you can easily ensure anonimous ip and get unlimited access to blocked resources.

Surf web freely, securely & anonymously with RUSVPN – the free unlimited VPN Proxy.

The free extension for the RUSVPN browser has a simple and intuitive interface that will allow you to get in seconds:

★ Full access to all Internet resources and sites
Free access to blocked resources, such as social networks, online cinemas and many other resources with one click. Choose one of the many servers around the world and unlock access to resources bypassing censorship, geographical restrictions in any place convenient for you.

★ Access to regional content
Our free VPN uses regional servers that allow you to be located anywhere in the world (including the US, France, the Netherlands, the UK and many others). By selecting one of these servers, you are in the chosen country, and you get full access to resources all over the world.

★ Browse adult content
Get full anonymity and security while using sites for adults. RusVPN provides full anonymity while browsing similar sites. No one can know that you have visited such sites.

★ Bypassing price discrimination on the Internet
By changing your IP address, you can save a lot on buying games on Steam, renting cars, paying software and much more.

★ Absolutely free
Do not pay a penny! We strive to provide free and secure access to the Internet on the absolutely free basis.
Why should you choose RUSVPN?
RusVPN is the best free unlimited VPN Proxy service for Chrome, which provides reliability and security to the Internet to a huge number of users from all over the world. Using modern technologies and reliable methods of encryption, anyone can get unlimited access to any resource. We provide high speed of connection, complete confidentiality of your data and round-the-clock support for all our users.

Big shout of thank you to users who love us and spread their love. Join the millions who are using RUSVPN!

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