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Dragon & Dragons Is The Best New Tab Extension You Ever Saw - Dragon & Dragons Wallpapers And More Amazing Features

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Version: 2.9.3 (Last updated: 2020-08-17)
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Yes! You are about to get the best new tab ever! We created Dragon & Dragons for all you fans, enjoy the best stunning pictures and other first-rate possibilities every time you open a new tab! 
<get in touch>
For further info and inquiries about the Dragon & Dragons extension, please get in touch with our support team by private private message or mail.
Here are some of our new and improved options for you to enjoy on Dragon & Dragons - 
***We added some great games you can play directly from your new tab page.
***Use the rotator mode and let us pick out the most unbelievable Dragon & Dragons wallpapers, or set your chosen pics for as long as you like.
***A direct search bar from your new tab for your convenience.
And many many more!
By choosing the Dragon & Dragons extension, you grant for changes to be made on your browser's new tab functionalities and appearance, trust us, it's going to look amazing!
Enjoy this Dragon & Dragons add on and feel free to reach out anytime! 
+How to REMOVE+
If you decided you want to uninstall the Dragon & Dragons extension, you can in a moment do that by pressing its icon (top right corner on your browser). After you press it, just pick the uninstall option.
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