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Grandstream Calling Grandstream Calling

use http protocol to generate calls from browser

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Version: 1.0.10 (Last updated: 2020-08-15)
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Price: Free
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Use to connect to Grandstream Phones and make calls directly from browser.

To use, just select the phone number you would like to call and click the call icon.

Update 1.10
**Hold and End Call buttons added.
** Regex to remove any special character except for "," as well as automaticaly replacing the + sign for international calls to 011

Update 1.9
added the options for User, Password and call forward, Call forward will only work if the phone allows it.

*** to set up for first time use, click the icon on the top right corner, click the settings tab and enter the IP address of the phone, the username and password (provided by phone admin) the default username is "user" and password is "user". to find your phone's IP just press the arrow pointing up on your phone it will show you the IP address
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