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What’s new in 2110

- Optimized Microsoft Teams video calls and screen sharing on external monitors
On your external monitor, you can now use the following features of Microsoft Teams during calls.
Optimized video 
Optimized screen sharing
These features are available for Microsoft Teams calls within virtual desktops as well as calls made through the Microsoft Teams virtual app, when you place the Teams windows on an external monitor. Previously, if you moved your optimized Teams windows to an external monitor, only the audio portion of calls was supported.

This enhancement requires VDA version 1906 or later.

- Note (HTTPS):
If you are on HTTP-based stores, for a secure context, we recommend that you transition to HTTPS-based stores. For more information, see HTTPS.

- Note (Removal of Secure ICA support):
To prevent interruption of access to virtual apps and desktops in November 2021, please ensure you uncheck Secure ICA from Delivery Group settings. For more information about disabling Secure ICA, see Knowledge Center article
 Support for Secure ICA is deprecated starting January 1, 2022. For a more secure alternative, use TLS (Transport Layer Security). For more information, see

Fixed issues in 2110
- On devices where only intranet access is allowed, sessions might not launch or there might be a delay.
- In multi-monitor mode, the session might close intermittently. As a workaround, start the session again. 
- When you click Disconnect on your toolbar or through HDX SDK for Chrome OS disconnect API, your desktop and app session windows might not close.  This issue occurs after disabling the seamless virtual channel.
- You might see disconnection of sessions in Citrix Workspace app 2108 and 2109 for Chrome OS. The issue occurs in VDA version 7.15.

Known issues in 2110
No new issues have been observed in this release.

For more information about Citrix Workspace app, visit
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