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Open files from Chrome Devtools in IntelliJ IDEs (Webstorm, PHPStorm etc.)

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Users: 3,808
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Version: 0.8.1 (Last updated: 2018-11-20)
Size: 37.34K
Price: Free
This is a Dev Tools Extension to open resources like Javascript or CSS files directly inside your IntelliJ IDE (IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, PHPStorm etc.) 

For installation instructions, troubleshooting tips and source code go to:

(Note: You might have to go into your WebStorm/PHPStorm Settings ->Build,Execution,Deployment -> Debugger -> Built-In Server and check the box "Allow unsigned requests". Also if the web root directory is different from your project root, you need to set up path mappings. Please refer to the instructions page.)

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