Tippy Tippy

Is the order a new tab page?

By: Shino
Rating: 4.83 (6)
Users: 69 +5
Version: 0.8.5 (Last updated: 2015-06-01)
Size: 2.89M
Price: Free
Tippy is an alternate new tab page for Google Chrome that pulls wonderful images from the top rankings of Pixiv to surprise and delight with every Cmd-T, or Ctrl-T if you're a plebeian. Tippy is fully responsive, written with five different preprocessors, and takes full advantage of vendor prefixes. It is guaranteed to increase market penetration for you and your significant others. Let's have cafe daydreams!

Currently, Tippy requires that you be on the Chrome Dev Channel for certain features (recently closed tabs) to work. Sorry about that!
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