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Right-click anime images to reverse-image-search for larger versions through IQDB.

By: MK
Rating: 4.82 (68)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 2.0 (Last updated: 2021-10-19)
Size: 17.98K
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Risk level: Safe
Right-click on anime images to reverse-image-search for larger/similar versions through  Results open in a new background tab.  (Can change settings to open in foreground.)

This is an unofficial extension; I am not related to IQDB.

Version History (changelog):

- Updated to extension manifest v3.  Minimum Chrome version increased to 88.  If you need the previous version of the extension (0.6.1), it can be downloaded here:
- Settings code revised for manifest v3 compatibility.  You may need to reapply your settings.
- Added option to always spawn the Results tab next to the current tab (enabled by default).
- Closing the Results tab now returns to the tab you searched from.

- Changed tab-creation setting to use "active" instead of "selected", since the latter was deprecated after Chrome 33.

- Now with HTTPS, thanks to the site admin adding support.  Merry Christmas!

- Changed from background page to event page, so the extension process is only loaded when needed.
- Minimum Chrome version increased to 22, due to above change.
- <all_urls> permission removed, since the contextMenu permission made it redundant at some point.

- Updated to extension manifest v2, per Chrome requirements going forward.
- Minimum Chrome version increased to 18, due to above change.
- Removed defunct mirror from options.

- Added 48x48 and 128x128 icons from the "Token" iconset by Evan Brooks (,
 used under the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-share-alike 3.0 license.
- Added credits file.

- Filenames with spaces and special characters should now work correctly.
- Added 48x48 icon.

- Initial release.
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