Ad 'n Popup-Blocker Ad 'n Popup-Blocker

Blocks ads and ad popups from thousands of sources.

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This extension is blocking Ads and annoying pop ups from thousands of various sources.
The extension also removes advertising from Google™,  Youtube™ and other websites.
The list of blocked Domains also includes over 50'000 Advertising Networks.

⭐ Ad blocking - We are using constantly updating filters to ensure that our block lists are up to date
⭐ Pop UP blocker - We detect agressive ads that pop up and block them
⭐ Anti-anti-adblock - We make sure that websites wont detect our ad blocker
⭐ Faster page load - Blocking ads does also have a positive influence on your page loading speed

✓ Permissions: Compared to other common ad-blocking extensions we do need default permissions on every website to remove ads or popups

ⓘ About
We simply use filters that contain domain that should be blocked.

This extension is totally free for you.
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