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Kahoot Hack is a Chrome extension by AK. It had 150,075+ weekly active users and an average rating of 2.56 before it was removed from Chrome Web Store a year ago. Kahoot Hack is similar to Invisible Kahoot Name and Kahoot Flooder. The last published version was 2.0, updated 2 years ago.

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2021-07-21
By: AK
Rating: 2.56 (59)
Users: 150,075+
Version: 2.0 (Last updated: 2020-10-23)
Featured: No
Size: 182.27K
Price: Free
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Risk level: Safe

Features : 
Auto Answer
Modify Amount of Points Earnt Per Question
Fail on Purpose
Show Correct Answer
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User reviews
It is not working
Irma Milena Claros Cajiao Irma Milena Claros Cajiao
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