NoFap Panic Button NoFap Panic Button

This extension provides an in browser version of the NoFap Emergency Relapse Prevention Tool.

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Users: 3,862
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Version: 1.3.3 (Last updated: 2018-11-11)
Size: 193.54K
Price: Free
  • Your data on all websites
  • Run JavaScript code in the context of web pages
  • Receive notifications from this app in Chrome
  • See our safety evaluation
• Provides you with the most helpful content quickly when you need it the most.
• An official NoFap® brand app.
• Content is anything that might be inspirational for rebooters (people who want to quit porn), hand-selected from NoFap's network and around the Internet.
• Enable or disable religious content. NoFap is a secular website that wants to help everybody quit porn, regardless of background.
• Leverage our new "NSFWGuard" feature, which blocks and redirects you away from NSFW subreddits on
• Take the Panic Button with you wherever you go with the Popup Panic Button, an in-webpage version of the Panic Button for easy and quick access to motivational material

How to Use:
• NoFap's Panic Button tool will act as your companion that encourages you to stick to your goals during periods of distress.
• NoFap's Panic Button tool provides different scenarios where urges may strike. Click on one of the options to view a relevant piece of content that will help you find the motivation to carry on. 
• If you need more content, just click a button again for a new link. 
• Once the urge passes, visit
 for additional support from your fellow rebooters.

Follow Us:
• You may find NoFap® at NoFap® is also on social media such as Reddit (, Twitter (, and Facebook (

Legal Information:
Publisher: NoFap LLC,
Developer: Mark Ropper
NoFap® is a registered trademark owned by NoFap LLC.

Patch Notes:

Version 1.3.0 brings with it a raft of optimisations, updates and fixes!

- NSFWGuard has been reworked to better intercept and divert you away from NSFW subreddits
- The popup panic button accessible through the Action Button now includes a Religious quick-toggle button
- But most importantly, this version brings with it the addition an in-webpage version of the panic button for even easier access to the motivation material you need!
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