Netfencer Porn Block Netfencer Porn Block

Anti-porn website blocker. block porn sites, Protect from offensive content and sex-adult websites.

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Version: 2021.6.7 (Last updated: 2021-06-06)
Size: 1.81M
Price: Free
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Netfencer Porn Block is an Anti-porn website blocker extension on chrome. Easily block any porn or harmful website. Protecting your family from adult and inappropriate content.
It's also useful to block NSFW content for Nofap or parental control.


🚫 Blocked Sites
Block sites including its subdomains, Remove all distracting and harmful websites from your life by blocking them. Once in the list, our extension will block the site in chrome and it wouldn't be accessible.

🔞 Block sites by keywords
Just add separate words or phrases to block all domains that contain related content.

👨 Trusted Sites
Sites from this list avoid all blocking settings. list of websites that you allow to be opened in your browser.

🌎 Profanity Hidden
Making sure that you don’t see any inappropriate words or other words you don't want to see.

🔐 Password protection
You can also password protect the options page to keep you from easily removing sites from your list.
You can set a password on activation and deactivation of extension and extension settings. Use this feature to exclude the possibility of your child deactivating the extension or to eliminate accidental changes in settings.

🛠 Customized Blocked Page
You can choose the website you want to be redirected to instead. make your own blocked page by choosing your own text to design customized blocked pages and make them unique to you.

Your privacy is important to us. The data collected is not used to identify individual users. The data collected is not shared with any third parties for marketing or targeting individual users.

To block sites in incognito mode you need to activate the 'Allow in incognito' checkbox on chrome://extensions -> Netfencer Porn Block -> Details page.

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