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StackOverflow Power User StackOverflow Power User

Stop wasting time while programming ! Adds many features to save time when searching for solutions on StackOverflow

Rating: 4.94 (16)
Users: 187 -6
Version: 0.3.4 (Last updated: 2020-10-31)
Size: 135.17K
Price: Free
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Because every developer wants to find the best answer to their problems, and because we hate wasting time !

Features : 
- Show answers sidebar (with vote counts) & inform you if you have previously upvoted an answer
- Show indicator when there's a better answer than the accepted one
- Show indicator when there isn't any answer to the question
- Auto-scroll to first answer 
- Navigate through answers with keyboard arrow keys (left/right)
- Auto expand votes count & Show answer score (in percent)
- Bring scrolling behavior to vote buttons, so that you still see them even on long posts
- Expand all comments automatically when performing CMD/Ctrl + F
- Hide the new StackOverflow left sidebar that takes so much space for useless links
- Hide elements from StackOverflow right sidebar to prevent distraction

The extension is open-source :
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