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Customize keyboard shortcuts to instantly open most visited websites.

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Chump helps you improve your Co2 footprint and can help you save your time!
As a Chump user, you can reach your goals faster (if you want to, of course):

Example: Have you ever found yourself searching for "Facebook", which brings up a results page where you then always click on the first result to eventually get to What a waste of time and energy.

Chump is here to help: Chump allows you to configure your CHROME browser to perform a direct JUMP, which is why we call it CHUMP.

Chump automatically takes you to your desired website and saves unnecessary intermediate steps.

By default, we only have the following chumps active:

- Searching for "wikipedia" or "wiki" automatically opens
- Searching for "youtube" or "yt" automatically opens
- Searching for "google" opens directly.
- Searching for "whatsapp web" directly opens
- Searching for "gmail" directly opens

You can, of course, add more chumps or deactivate some of these default chumps!

If you configure a chump for a term, your configured target page will be opened directly instead of showing search results for this search term.

This way you not only save time, but also unnecessary computing power and therefore improve your Co2 footprint!

Privacy overview:

- We do NOT collect any data about the chumps you set up/use.
- When you uninstall our extension, we open a feedback form to learn more about why you are leaving. If you submit a text there, we store this text together with your IP address for 30 days.

Please contact us by email if you have any suggestions or problems.
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