TON Crystal Wallet TON Crystal Wallet

Manage Free TON wallets and access dApps directly from your Chrome browser

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Version: 0.2.21 (Last updated: 2021-11-26)
Size: 2.52M
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Crystal Wallet is a Google Chrome extension that lets you manage your seed phrases, private and public keys, and wallets in a secure fashion without leaving your favorite browser.
Import existing keys or create new ones; choose popular wallet contracts to use; manage permissions you provide to dApps (DEXes, bridges, multisig wallets, etc.); protect your data with encrypted local key storage.
Crystal Wallet extension is a fully remastered version of the famous desktop Crystal Wallet created by the Broxus team. Enjoy a new convenient interface with the same speed and security!

Crystal Wallet injects the Free TON API into every website’s DOM context so that the distributed applications can read from the blockchain and interact with smart contracts. Be it a decentralized exchange, browser game, cross-chain bridge, or multi-signature wallet, Crystal Wallet will serve you as a lightweight, configurable, and reliable Free TON client.

The extension does not and will not collect any data from you, so we will be grateful if you provide us your feedback in the Chrome store, on our Github page, Telegram chat, or send us an e-mail. See the “Useful links” section below.
However, it will require your permission to read and write to any webpage, as it enhances the functionality of the normal browser context. You can always view the source code of Crystal Wallet on Github.

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