goCast screen recording goCast screen recording

Screencast and screen recording - capture desktop, windows, microphone, and webcam videos.

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Rating: 4.15 (229)
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Users: 484,055
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Version: 0.9.8 (Last updated: 2021-03-26)
Size: 9.89M
Price: Free
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Privacy policy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B633TUePDO-r_rUStjIeX12ggLgz5arv1IomrPYbPS8/edit?usp=sharing
goCast is a screencasting software.
It’s completely free, no trial, no watermarks or time limits.

⭐ Capture a video from tab
⭐ Capture desktop video - whole desktop or a specific window
⭐ Capture webcam only
⭐ Webcam narration (talking head mode) 
⭐ Mic or desktop sound
⭐ Supports native WEBM format, as well as MP4 that takes some time to export

Please note that screen recording is a resource-consuming task. It takes significant RAM, processor time and can drain a laptop energy. Prepare for recording by closing unnecessary applications and browser tabs.
Export to MP4 could be unstable, especially on linux systems.
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