Reelia: Screen Recorder & Editor Reelia: Screen Recorder & Editor

Screen recording and video editing made simple.

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Version: 0.0.8 (Last updated: 2021-03-31)
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  • Your data on all websites
  • Capture content of screen, individual windows or tabs
  • Your tabs and browsing activity
  • See our safety evaluation
🎥 Screen recording (WebM format)

✔️ Why use Reelia
• Easily record your desktop, current tab and camera.
• Record screencasts with embedded webcam and microphone.
• Annotate your tab will recording.
• Highlight mouse location and clicks to keep watches engaged.
• Manage recordings in a personal library.
• Edit recordings and videos on your computer.
• No log in required.
• No recording data leave your computer - everything happens locally.
• Free screen recording and video editing.

🖊️ Edit
• Cut video into many pieces and delete or rearrange video cuts.
• Crop video to selected location.
• Merge videos together.
• Undo and redo edits.
• More coming soon..

🏃🏾 Shortcuts
• Alt + Shift + r: Start/stop recording with default settings.
• Alt + p: Pause/resume recording.
• You may need to configure these in chrome://extensions/shortcuts.
• Shortcuts make recording much easier!

❌ Not supported
• Exporting videos in MP4 is not supported as this format is patented and costs to use.

🎤 If you made it this far tell me what new features you would like next:
• Library to store and manage all recordings - completed ✔️
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.
• More editing features.
• Export recordings as GIF files.
• Sharing support (direct upload to Slack, YouTube, Google Drive, etc)

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